Messager, A.  (1988-9), My Vows [online image] Available at:
[Accessed: 12 Nov 13]

A mixed media piece made by a French artist, using hundreds of sepia photographs of different body parts in small, black, individual photo frames. Each one hung separately with pieces of string, some overlapping others, to create a spherical shape. Some tiny black photo frames, filled with red text, hang in between the sepia photos.
By hanging the pieces with string, from a distance, it almost looks as if the spherical shape is falling from the ceiling of where it is being displayed. 




Shaheen, S. (2013), Sunset [online image] Available at: [Accessed: 12 Nov 13

Deep red skies, with a perfectly circular, lemon coloured sun. Reflecting on a peaceful mirror like lake behind a floating island. Darker red clouds mysteriously move in over the setting sun. 




Ryder, S. (2005) Eye [online image] Available at: [Accessed; 12 Nov 13] 

A large wire mesh sculpture, suspended over a Yorkshire landscape. The use of tightly woven mesh creates shadows and contours of a human eye. No matter where you stand around the sculpture, the eye always looks as if it is looking at you. In the less dense areas of the wire, parts of the landscape creep through providing different textures and colours.
From a distance it almost looks like the sculpture is part of the scenery.